I guide singers to a higher level of artistry, coaching them to a greater depth of characterization through a closer look at what they are singing.  By answering questions about the music, text and situation the singers uncover an unrealized richness and joy in their performances.

With this unique approach, I frequently engage the audience giving  the students authentic supportive feedback, and the audience a greater appreciation of compelling performances. All is done with humor, wisdom and a desire to share a wealth of knowledge and experience with developing artists.


A top performer captures their audience by intertwining the story with the music; delves into physical characteristics, back-stories and onstage relationships; and communicates the character to enrich their scenes, combining all aspects of the music to convey a character’s emotions and intentions. 

A great singer plumbs the interpretive depths of a song through its melody, rhythms, harmonies, textures and language. They grasp the significance of both the text and the music, understanding how they work together, because that’s where inspiration lives.


Available throughout the US and abroad


*Contact directly for rates

Private Coachings

Offered to students ages 16 and up.



Los Angeles Studio- Lake Balboa,  CA 

*Skype Sessions also available


1 hour- $75

90 min- $105

(PayPal, Cash, and Zelle are all accepted)

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